Slay the Beast and Receive $500!

The Pointersaurus is a 28" two meat or four vegetable topped pizza that weighs over 10 pounds! It is one of the world's largest delivered pizzas! The Largest, Fastest, and Most Delicious Dinosaur in History!

As seen on MANY national and international television shows, the Pointersaurus roams the Pointerverse waiting for your challenge - defeat the Pointersaurus and receive $500!

Contest Rules

  • Two people must consumer the ENTIRE pizza in ONE HOUR without leaving the customer area at Pointer's
  • The pizza must have any combination of TWO meat toppings or FOUR vegetable toppings
  • ALL crusts and toppings must be swallowed ENTIRELY for the contest to be ruled complete
  • Competitors must pay $50 in advance. In the event of winning the contest, the $50 will be refunded along with a check for $500
  • A maximum of SIX spectators are allowed in the customer area at any given time, and must stay out of the competition area
  • Contestants must call at least ONE DAY in advance for reservations to try the challenge, preferred to be at 3pm any day of the week. Any derivations are at the manager's discretion.
  • Napkins may not be used to absorb pizza juices.
  • Promotion and photographs of your success may be used by Pointer's Delivery.

If you slay the beast, your name will appear on the hall of fame...

Hall of Fame

Date Winner(s) From
6/7/01 Brian and Adam Tournier St. Louis, MO
2/8/02 Warren Doherty & Jim Bauer St. Louis, MO
4/6/03 Marshall and Elliot Rader Grand Rapids, MI
2/13/04 Josh Squibb and Bart Hall Salem, IL
3/22/04 Richard and Carlene LeFevre  
4/26/04 Chee Lee and Chris Kuppler WashU
3/4/06 Hall Hunt and Joey Chestnut Gainsville, FL and Vallejo, CA
3/4/06 Pat Bertoletti and Tin Janus Chicago, IL and New York, NY
5/8/06 Pam and Jennifer Cooney Katy, TX
7/12/06 Shawn Sanson and Stephen Hall Foristell, MO and Wentzville, MO
8/1/06 Ted Otto and Jared Serra Arnold, MO
12/15/06 Adam Helton and Kenny Pearce Rolla, MO
3/7/07 Kirk O'Donnell and Stephanie Klien St. Louis, MO
8/2/07 Clay Atkinson and Felen Npupalau St. Peters, MO
11/2/07 Brent Jones and Joe Whealen Blackwell, MO and St. Louis, MO
5/8/08 Chris Donohue and Zach London Bloomington, IN and Albany, NY
8/24/08 Dale and Cathy Boone Atlanta, GA
11/2/08 Johnny Case and Russell Raines Naperville, IL and Shreveport, LA
1/8/10 Philip Centers and Tony Buatte Maplewood, MO and East Carondolet, IL
3/19/10 Dan Graham and Tandy Santel St. Louis, MO and St. Peters, MO
5/12/10 Kevin Ross and David Mills Temulala, LA and Irvine, LA
9/11/10 Rick and Ryan Knop Hillsboro, IL and Rillmore, IL
5/12/11 Juan and Anthony Rodriquez Crestwood, IL
3/25/11 Ray and Jonathan Willis Alexandria, VA
8/3/11 Patrick and Eric Woyna Oak Forest, IL
10/15/11 Stanley Horvath and Tyler Donald Indianapolis, IN
11/23/11 Ransey Hilton and Andrew Miller Des Peres, MO and Kirkwood, MO
4/29/12 Craig Reed and Stephanie Torres Westland, MI and Las Cruce, NM
7/9/12 Cody Bascom and Clayton Langeneckert Hudson, IA and Apo, AZ
3/8/13 Jerry and Bradley Calvin Dubois, IL and Rocher, IL
4/27/13 Mike and Chris Barth Naperville, IL
10/9/14 Jacob Blime and Clayton Andrews Louisville, CO
11/12/14 Nick Lewellyn and Roger Keller St. Louis, MO
11/18/14 Mitch Dombrowski and Kyle Hanner Pulaski, WI and St. Louis, MO
12/15/14 Michael Walsh and Kayne Steele Little Rock, AR
1/17/15 Olivia Ragni and Blake Ahrendsen Arkadelphia, AR and Fayetteville, AR
2/4/15 Dennis and David Petraitis Columbia, IL
5/16/15 Stephanie and Alex Winters Orinda, CA
7/22/15 Ethan Teske and Edward DeLocre Ortonville, MN and Woodace, IL
3/24/16 Molly Schuyler Plumas Lake, CA
11/21/16 Brandon Clark and Jame Weihl Cahokia, IL and Belleville, IL